Devajyoti Ray Show at Mumbai


"The Discreet Charm of Pseudorealism"   is the title of the next Devajyoti Ray Show that is to be held in Mumbai this November. Though smaller in scope compared to the previous show of the maverick artist in Dubai, it will showcase some of the iconic artworks of Ray in his signature style of Pseudorealism. The show is also aimed at delineating the Pseudorealistic trends that are increasingly dominating the visual landscape of the present century, and thus places Pseudorealism at the centre of visual experimentaion in the realm of fine art.  



Lot has been written about Pseudorealism, perhaps the only original art genre to have emerged out of 21st century India. In the past two years two new books (one in French, one in English) and an article in an international art journal have given the works of Ray a new importance. In the aftermath of  Post-Modern era in art, when the artists world over are trying to figure out ways to paint so as to remain relevant to the masses, Pseudorealsim provides a definite direction. It is a genre that makes cognizable images without compromising on academic rigour and finesse.   

After one year since Devajyoti Ray's last show in Dubai, organised by Cinnamon Art House, this show will be held in Ray's native country at Mumbai


The show will have 23 of Devajyoti Ray's recent paintings, of varied sizes. It will also provide a literatue on the Pseudoreal manifesto and a raison-d'etre for Ray art. Some of the paintings will however be retained for the next year's show once again in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah. 


 The show will be on from 14 to 20 November 2011, at Jehangir Art gallery, Mumbai